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What is a Safari Pup :)

Every dog is a Safari Pup.

Yep, you heard it here first.

Your dog is a Safari Dog.

Your ginormous, furry, slobbery dog is a Safari Dog.

Your intense, muscular, working & sporting dog is a Safari Dog.

Your microscopic, tiny house pup is a Safari Dog.

All the dogs are Safari Dogs.

"How do I know," you ask?

Because ALL dogs love Adventures.

Adventures through dirt, mud, grass and water. Your dog will get dirty :)

Sniffing and running and jumping to the delight of you and me.

Come spend an hour with me playing and having so much fun with your dog. Adventuring and taking gorgeous photos.

Your dog will have the Adventure of a lifetime and you will get to enjoy it all along the way. I will take photos of your dog having fun and you will go home with memories and a swag bag full of fun things from me & Mane 'N Tail Shampoo & Meek's Treats

All you need to do is message to make your appointment and I will take care of the rest.

You DO NOT need a trained dog. I provide a 30-foot leash when needed.

For all your thirsty dog needs, check out this Bivy™ Collapsible Dog Bowl from Ruffwear. It is

Ultralight, Collapsible and Waterproof. I love the orange color, but you can also purchase in Blue.

To place your order just go to this LINK

Safari Pup Photo info at this LINK

Text 816-438-1042 or FB message to book

Availability is at this LINK

See you all outside

Elizabeth :)


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