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11 years ago we got engaged :)

11 years ago on Christmas Day we got engaged.....and kind of like our Annual New Years Day hikes we try and do a fun hike on that day as well.

It was a snowy & cold day but since our coldest hike EVER was -8* .. .this was a balmy 20 something and felt great.

We were in an area that did not have hardly any human traffic and in fact we just kind of made our own way. Since it was winter and brush was not brushy & no fear of poison ivy it was pretty easy to do.

- Did you know that if you come in contact with Poison Ivy that scrubbing it as you wash is an extra added layer of protection from getting the dastardly rash? I myself and extremely allergic to its oils so you can bet the pesky plant is always on my radar. You can use all the fancy soaps but I have found just by scrubbing with any soap and a washrag I can keep from getting the rash.

We saw so many wild animal prints from deer to rabbit and squirrel, turkey & birds. We saw paw prints that could have been dogs? Coyote? We have had reported sightings of Mountain Lions so who knows.

Since our hike was small & we were close to home we did not have a ton of our food and drink with us. BUT!!! Starbucks coffee always comes in for the the win when it is cold. Coffee at this LINK *We prefer the Expresso but any blend is good* There is a difference in the taste from Starbucks to other brands* We add in Milk at this LINK and usually add ice and make it cold, though today we kept it hot. We use FairLife milk for the Lactose free and the low sugar and higher protien.

Did you notice my purple hiking boots?

LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They are Hoka's and If you have ever worn their running shoes I know what you are thinking. "Aren't you afraid you will roll your ankles on uneven ground?"

The hiking boots are made with a wider heal area and I have had no problems with that at all. HOKA's are at this LINK . My husband got me the Elderberry / Grape Wine color for Christmas & they are just beautiful & so very comfortable.

Thanks for reading our Adventure!!!! XOXO Kip & Elizabeth


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