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2023 openings

I cannot wait to see you!!!

The calendar books up a year in advance so book very early. My photoshoots are very custom to each client and involve lots of travel. Online booking is not available for this reason.

Please look at the days that are open, pick a day and then text me at 816-438-1042 or Facebook message me to book your spot. I always try to respond quickly but sometimes evening or weekends have delayed responses. :)




February 15th middle of the day to late afternoon

February 16th - morning

February - 17th

February - 19th midday and evening

February 23rd - 24th

February 25th - morning & early afternoon


March -10th morning & early afternoon

March12th - morning & midday

March 17th-evening (Shawnee Mission Park- KS)

March 19th 2pm at Hazel Hill Farm in Centerview

March 20th afternoon & evening

March - 24th morning

March 30th - midday & early afternoon

April 3rd afternoon 

April 17th afternoon

April 20th morning and midday

April - 24th morning & afternoon and small 7pm near Chilhowee, MO.

April 27th


May 9th morning and 3:45 pm at Knob State Park

May 10th - late afternoon 

May 12th - morning 

May 15th morning 

May 19th morning

May 25th 7am Lees Summit, MO area

June 2nd - 7 am creek 


July 10th all day until about 4:30pm

July - 11th late afternoon 

July - 20th midday 


August 2nd morning and afternoon 

August 23rd - morning & early afternoon

August 24th morning and early afternoon or 4:30pm at Hazel Hill Farm in Centerview, MO.

August 25th morning & afternoon

August 28th morning & afternoon

August 29th


September 7th

September 8th midday

September - 18th afternoon

September 26th - morning and early afternoon

September 29th morning and midday

October 2nd morning and early afternoon

October 3rd - morning and early afternoon

October 30th 

November 8th - 9th

November 11th - small 1pm Blue Springs/Lees Summit, MO area

November 12th late morning and noonish

November -13th

November - 17th

November 18th morning and noonish

November 19th

November 20th morning and early afternoon


The 12 Days of Christmas Photo Sales Starts December 1st, 2023.

A new sale every day for 12 Days!



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