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Legacy Farm Photoshoots
Text 816-438-1042


Legacy Farm Photoshoots are about who YOU are and the Legacy you will leave behind one day


These photoshoots are dear to my heart. They started out as only Farm photoshoots, but along the way, I did photoshoots about 4-H projects,  gardening, grandpa showing the young uns' how to make real Apple Juice, chasing chickens through the yard and baking biscuits with grandma in the kitchen & behind the scenes of your horse shows and rodeos. Your Legacy is what YOU want it to be. You get to decide the story.

Legacy Farm Photoshoots for farms, equine, show prep, harvest, etc.....just ask if you are not sure if your idea fits.

$250 the first hour, $125 each hour after that. Most photoshoots fall into the 2-3 hour range with 2 being the average.

My no interest payment plan is available.

I will help you plan and direct your day so it starts and runs smooth from beginning to end.

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