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return clients receive $25 off

The 12 Days of Christmas Photo Sales Starts December 1st.



Farm* Horses & Dogs
By the hour - at this LINK 

this session is for single families to have playful and posed pictures or large extended families to have a more posed photoshoot

-approx an hour of photoshooting time

-one location
-one to two outfits
-at least 25 digital downloads via link
-over 8 people add $12 per person
-payment plan is available


Family (supersized)

this session is for the large family who wants more than just posed photos of their family. Most of the time that is all we can get done when we do large extended family photoshoots. This session is for multiple families to each get special photos of their family and then we do the groups of cousins, girls, boys, grandparents and the whole group. I recommend staggering start time for the small families, so any young children don't get tired or worn out or bored haha.

-no time limit but usually under 2 hours


-one location

-one to two outfits

-each family gets 10-15 minutes of alone time to be photographed, away from the crowd doing their own thing

-each family then can stay in the same clothes or change to do the extended family portion

-playful and posed photos for all

-indiv families can be staggered at their arrival time so young children don't get tired

-no limit on the extended family and the amount of people

-pets very welcome but make sure you can leave them in the car for some parts, or bring someone to hold them

-at least 15 digital downloads via link for each family ( this includes all groups )

-payment plan is available

Babies - Couples - Children - Maternity - Grandparents basically everything else ( just ask )
-one location
-one outfit *extra outfits add $25*
-at least 15 digital downloads via link
-payment plan is available

-babies start at 6months and up :)


H.S. Seniors

-one to four outfits

-multiple locations

- at least 25 digital downloads via link

-1 immediate family/siblings photoshoot the day of

-rural & country or small towns 

-outdoors only *if it rains/cold we will reschedule*

-text consultation about style and locations

-pets very welcome

-average Senior Photoshoot takes 1-3 hours depending on what and where 

-payment plan is available

+add a 6x9 soft cover coffee table book for +$125 of all the photos if you would like to

Little Friends on the Prairie 
$250 field & country location
$325 Missouri Town location *specific times apply*
-studio provides all clothes
-at least 15 digital downloads via link
-payment plan is available

All Day Events & Shows
-text details to 816.438.1042
-the calendar books up a year in advance so book your event or tentatively reserve your day the beginning of January each year. We can hold that day for a while as you work out details on your end.
-payment plan is available

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