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Family Photoshoots

Text 816-438-1042

Family #1


This session is for single families to have playful and posed pictures of their family & kids etc.....  this is what you are used to having from me :) 

The session can also be for large extended families who want more posed groupings.

See Family Choice #2 for a neat alternative to extended family photoshoots.

-approx an hour of photoshooting time *you all know I shoot til I feel like we are good*

-one location

-one to two outfits

-at least 25 digital downloads via a download link

-over 8 people add $12 per person

-payment plan is available


Family #2


This session is for the extended family who wants more than just posed photos of their family.

In the past, when you did an extended family photoshoot, it was more of a posed grouping of each requested group.

This session is for multiple families to each get special photos of their family and then we do the groups of cousins, girls, boys, grandparents and the whole group. I recommend staggering start time for the small families, so any young children don't get tired or worn out or bored

-no time limit but usually under 2 hours

-one location

-one to two outfits

-everyone can split the cost and make it manageable, plus I have a no interest payment plan

-each family gets 5-10 minutes of alone time to be photographed, away from the crowd doing their own thing

-each family then can stay in the same clothes or change to do the extended family portion

-playful and posed photos for all

-indiv families can be staggered at their arrival time so young children don't get tired

-no limit on the extended family and the amount of people

-pets very welcome but make sure you can leave them in the car for some parts, or bring someone to hold them

-at least 5-10 digital downloads via link for each family ( this includes all groups )

-payment plan is available

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