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Horse Photoshoots

Youth Shows & Jr. Rodeos


Horse Photoshoots 

Text 816-438-1042

Horse photoshoots can be any time of the day and any season. Posed conformation shots, action shots, field shots, water, trail, ranch, glam & black background. We will talk about the style you want before your photoshoot. 

$250 the first hour, $125 each hour after

Feel free to invite your friends or a barn to the photoshoot. The price is divided among the participants. I can help you organize the day so it flows nicely.

Payment plan is available 

2024 show
is booked

Send us a message to be contacted for 2025

Horse Shows and Events

Text 816-438-1042

Elizabeth photographs alone and comes equipped with  multiple cameras and lenses so a moment is not lost. Approx 7-10 days after the show the photos are art worked and put online for viewing and purchasing. Digital downloads start at $20 and prints start at $15. Discounts are offered for speedy ordering & packages for large orders.

There are no fees for Elizabeth to come to your show if it is within a few hours drive of Kansas City,  but she does ask for heavy advertising before, during and after your show to encourage sales and other bookings.


If you would like her to come to a show further away, please check the travel pricing on the travel page at this LINK. 

Her schedule books up a year in advance and if you would like your show or event photographed by Elizabeth, please reach out asap and text 816-438-1042 or Facebook message to talk about your event and tentatively be placed on the calendar 

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