YES, Elizabeth will travel to you 

Country photo shoots are Elizabeth's favorite, She loves traveling down the old highways that barely have any yellow and white paint stripes left on them and dirt roads. Her windows are rolled down and an oldies country song is playing on the radio. She WANTS to travel to your neck of the woods. The place you grew up or the place you live now or the place that just holds special memories. 

If you are 1 hour away from Elizabeth's home in Blue Springs, Missouri your trip charge is FREE.

1-2 hours away adds $35 to your session. *approx 2-4 hours round trip*

2-3 hours away adds $100 to your session. *approx 4-6 hours round trip*

3-4 hours away adds $250 to your session. *approx 6-8 hours round trip*

over 4 hours adds $500 to your session. *approx 8 hours round trip*

over 5 hours by quote only

While you CAN put your session on the payment plan, the travel fee is collected BEFORE the day of your shoot. Elizabeth schedules off the entire time she needs and does not book anything that day to ensure travel and shoot time. 

"Like a band of Gypsies we go down the highway.
We're the best of friends,
Insisting that the world keep turnin' our way.
And our on the road again" 

- Willie Nelson