Sporting - Working  Dogs

A highly trained dog takes many hours of work, sweat and love. It is a bond between human and canine that is like no other. Your dog is part of your family & your best friend.  If you are a breeder it is part of your legacy. I can capture that for you in art form.


non event/trial

$200 hourly rate with artworked digital downloads within 1 hour of Blue Springs, Missouri. 

2nd hour is $175 

3rd hour is $150

then it is $125 an hour each hour after 3.

For Travel fees see the travel page at this link

This is great for clubs or farms to get pictures during a practice event or relaxed atmosphere.

Groups/Clubs and Friends can get together and split the hourly fee. For event/trial pricing see below.

Single dogs and litter pricing at this link

Pup Safari Adventure pricing at this link

For bookings over 3 hours a deposit of $250 is required to 

hold your day. This fee is non-refundable but is transferrable to another day or session.

Event/Trial Pricing 

All Day event pricing is by quote and is decided by location, activity & amount of 

entries. Lodging and Mileage could be applicable.

Please email or text 816.438.1042 for your event price

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