The perfect tiny towel for when your dogs go out to do their business and it is muddy or wet.. or they are in the car and you need to quickly dry their feetzers off.. :)  


These tiny towels are 11x18 in size and cotton. They are perfect to throw in with the laundry and wash and dry. These also come in handy when you have some spillage with the drink in the car.. :)  Plus they are just cute as can be and have our new 2021 hiking logo on it.


These tiny towels DO come from a home with pups and if a special hair happens to make the trip from us to you  on your towel we promise there is no extra charge. :) 

Pupper Paw Towels from Bear Creek Ranch

  • You are purchasing 1 towel.

    These towels are a dark yellow gold with a dark teal logo... 

    If your dog becomes a Safari Dog and does a photoshoot you receive one for FREE. Check out the info here.

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