Little House Photography and Mountain Creek Ranch are two businesses who desire to let everyone know about the great outdoors and especially how beautiful Missouri is. The bear is a representation of both and we were lucky enough to find a company who could take our logo design and make us a simple piece of jewelry that represented nature and our businesses. We hope you love this necklace too. Follow Instagram @mountaincreekranch1 to see the Mountain Creek Ranch Hiking Adventures.

Little House Photography & Mountain Creek Ranch Choker

  • Missouri is home to some of the most gorgeous hiking trails in the country. Our logo necklace is designed to remind us to get outdoors.

    To extend wear please take off each night before bed and before you shower. 


    This is designed to be worn shorter.. it is more of a choker style..though not tight at all.

  • Your order normally ships out in 1-2 business days.. with a 3-5 day shipping.  Because of the corona virus please allow for a few extra days. Thank you so much.. we hope you love....