No Interest Payment Plan


I know that most of us live life on a budget.. and that pictures are a luxury....  I also believe that should not stop you from having gorgeous pictures of your loved ones and family... Two legged or 4 ... :)...

Cars get old and break down... clothing gets outgrown and torn... toys get passed over for the next new fad ....Pictures? They last a life time and I can guarantee you won't have buyers remorse....


Over half my clients take part in my NO interest payment plan. 

It is super easy...

The day of your photoshoot you pay a deposit. Usually $50.. though a few of my shoots have a different requirement.

I take your credit or debit card info and we decide what day of the month and how much each month your card is charged. The balance just carries over each month til paid off. NO INTEREST... EVER!!! Minimum monthly charge is $25

If you are in my baby club, or you do another photoshoot the balance just rolls into itself..