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IF you don't find the answer here, please text 816.438.1042


Photoshoot Day Questions

It is easy peasy!!!  send me a text at 816.438.1042 or FB message. Let me know the kind of photoshoot you are interested in & I will take over from there.

2023 is booked

We have taken photos, now what should we expect?

Your final images will be all artworked to perfection and ready for you to download from  your personal digital album approx 4-5 weeks from the day of your shoot. Depending on the season, what is going on in my life/schedule & how much artwork is needed and how many in the photos; that will be the final time determining factor. So sometimes before 4 weeks, sometimes after. IF i will be after 4 weeks you will always get a message from me.

Weather questions

Yes - bring bug spray questions

Weather is always a guessing game. I have been doing this a super long time and I know what works and what doesn't. I will always contact you if I have concerns about weather and we will try and match up a new calendar day. If it is cold out I cannot stress enough that your child and baby will do so much better if they have a hat on their head, plus hats are so cute!!! Same is true if it is hot. While I can remove sweat when I need too, some babies and kids and adults just don't do well in heat. 

99% of the time we are in tall grasses and woods. There will be ticks and chiggars and the chance of snakes and poison ivy. I 100% recommend wearing bug repellent & making sure you do tick checks and bathe as soon as possible after your photoshoot. nature is gorgeous and is my favorite place to photograph, but nature also comes with the things that nature comes with. 

Location Questions

I have a bunch of different department of Conservation land areas that i photograph at, along with some other public areas.  i book and pay for all photographic permits at hazel hill farm in centerview, mo. If you are wanting to photograph at the lake areas like lake jacomo, fleming park etc... those have hefty permit prices and usually i ask you to pay $25 extra at your photoshoot. unity village, mo. has a very hefty photography fee and for that location you will be required to add $75 to any photoshoot. most of the fees cannot be refunded or moved so we will book those locations very thoughtfully.

one of my favorite things to do is travel to your land. you do not need manicured lawns and gorgeous views for beautiful pictures. we will want to talk about what you have and what you want in your photo to make sure we pick the correct time of day. Lighting is everthing.

at this time i do not travel into kansas city and take pictures. I am a country girl and take country/rural styled photographs.

Pet Questions

animals are a Yes please!!!!  all animals, any kind. :) if we are photographing on my areas that i carry permits for we will need to talk about the land policies and if we can use that particular park, so always mention as soon as you book if you want to bring a pet.

Money Questions

payment is due the day of your photoshoot or the week after. I accept venmo, paypal, cash, check, credit card. if you would like to take advantage of my no interest payment plan just let me know. It is always available and customized to you.

Clothing and Prop Questions

i have lots of rustic styled props for babies and kids. i have tons and tons of blankets and quilts that work well in photographs. i do not have large furniture. i do keep on hand tons of sizes in denim overalls, plaid shirts & cute hats for children. I do not carry adult sizes. I like to visit with you about what you will be wearing so your photo is unique to you. 

12 Days of Christmas photo sales Questions

the 12 days of Christmas photo sales is my thank you for being a client. every year i run a sale day for 12 days. each day has a different sale. each day you have 24 hours to pay a tiny deposit to hold your sale price. you will take the photos the next year. when the calendar opens in mid January, you have first chance to book for the year. then the calendar is open to everyone. i book up about a year in advance so you will always want to contact me early. if for any reason life happens and you forget, or have to reschedule and we cannot find a new day, your promo is always good the next year. Most sales start December 1st and run for 12 days concurrent. you will want to watch my Facebook & Instagram page for the sale every single day. you will save $50-$100 on your photoshoot for the next year.

Travel Questions

My Subaru and I zip all over. :) I love to travel to your neck of the woods. I have a travel page (see link at the top of my website) That gives you the travel prices. One hour or less from Blue Springs, Missouri is always FREE.

Are you experienced with animals?

I sure am. I grew up on a working horse farm and showed in 4-H horse shows. In my adult years I showed for my mom & stepdad at Reflections a miniature horse farm. We traveled all over the midwest and also showed at the amha world show in fort worth. I know how much time and money you have put into your horses and training. Your photographs are a reflection of all that hard work. 

I also trained my tiny yorkie in agility. We have tons of ribbons showcasing his hard work. At the time covid hit we were showing at the excellent level with AKC and had our sights set on the National championships the following year. Unfortunately with covid we started doing virtual trials in our backyard and the rough ground was too hard on his tiny joints ( he is 7" tall ) so we retired him and now he is a champion ball player & snack eater. 

I have photographed horse & dog shows in the ring and backdrop for years. 

My showing and training style is patient and kind. That is how I photograph your animals as well. 

Do we need to sign a contract?

I am old school. my word and handshake mean something. I always assume they mean the same thing to my client. :)

What should we bring to our photoshoot?

If you have babies or children please bring everything you would need for an overnight trip, plus snacks, drinks, toys they love etc.....

For any props we might use, lets visit at your booking and a week or so before your photoshoot and make sure we have what we need. Some things i can provide, some things you will need to make sure and bring.

always bring bug spray and old shoes, just in case we need to walk through weeds or we are taking photos in weeds or near woods. Chiggars and ticks are real. 

please bring water or something to drink in warm weather & a blanket to keep wrapped in if weather is cold

More FAQs coming soon!!!

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